Still Lives

81HUCdYlqiL.jpgStill Lives by Maria Hummel is a thriller set in the art scene of Los Angeles. Kim Lord is a star artist who doesn't show up to her own gallery exhibition called "Still Lives". The paintings depict Lord as the victim in many well-publicized murders of females a la Nicole Brown Simpson, the Black Dahlia, etc... I read this book also as a pick for Reese's Bookclub x Hello Sunshine and was able to get it as an add-on shipment with Book of the Month. I was a little disappointed for a thriller if I'm being completely honest. It took awhile to get going and get into it. There seemed to be a lot of characters and it was hard to follow who everyone was. The twist at the end wasn’t as satisfying for me as I had hoped. There wasn't much build up and I had a hard time believing who the culprit was and why. The whole premise was hard for me to buy into which was a shame because I had really been looking forward to this one. I did enjoy the novel overall, it just didn't grip me completely as a true thriller like I had been hoping.

Book rating: ☕☕☕

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