Verity by Colleen Hoover is a suspenseful romantic thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer who just can't seem to get it together after her mother dies. She witnesses an accident and has an encounter with a strange man that leaves her incredibly intrigued. When the same strange man appears in a meeting she has scheduled, she finds their paths crossing in a way she never imagined.

Jeremy Crawford is looking for a new author to finish his wife's book series after she was in a horrific accident. His wife happens to be Verity Crawford, author of a best-selling thriller series and Lowen can't believe the potential payout she would be looking at should she accept. Lowen drives out to their home to begin going through Verity's notes and plans for the final three books in the series. While looking around, Lowen finds a manuscript that appears to be an autobiography Verity was working on before her accident. Lowen begins reading the autobiography and is horrified by the dark admissions of manipulation and sinister revelations of abuse.

As Lowen continues to try and enter Verity's mind, she quickly realizes that Verity may not be who she seemed and could be dangerous. To complicate things further, Lowen is having an increasingly difficult time denying the attraction between her and Jeremy. As she delves deeper into the autobiography she becomes increasingly terrified of the woman laying vegetative in bed upstairs. She tells herself that it's just paranoia, there's no reason to be afraid of Verity, that she's only a shell of her former self....or is she?

I loved this book. It hooks you on the first page and you won't be able to put it down. It gives you major Fatal Attraction vibes and keeps your spine tingling as you continue to read. It's sexy and alluring and terrifyingly creepy in all the right amounts. If you are in a reading slump and looking for a quick page-turner with a little bit of heat, this is the book for you!

Book Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕

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2 thoughts on “Verity

  1. I haven’t read anything by Colleen Hoover, but I might have to start! This one sounds really good.

    So glad to have found your blog via the BookSharks FB page! Two of my kids were preemies, so I’ve spent a lot of time in the NICU 🙂 My family and I really grew to love and appreciate the nurses that helped us during those years. You and your colleagues do important work! Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Susan! This was the first book I read from her – I hear it’s a little bit of a departure from her other novels but it was so creepily good I devoured it! I love my work in the NICU – sorry to hear you had to spend some time there yourself but glad you had a good experience with your team! I love finding people through BookSparks and getting exposed to new blogs! I’m heading over to yours right now!

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