Roomies by Christina Lauren follows Holland, who is living in NYC and can’t quite get it all together. She works for her uncle at the Broadway theater where he is the composer of a smash show. And she has a crush. A big one. So much so that she takes the subway 10 blocks out of her way to see “Jack” playing his music in the subway daily. His music ignites something inside her that is inexplicable to anyone else. After an attack in the subway, he comes to her rescue and Holland learns his name is Calvin and she becomes more enamored with him.

When the lead violinist in her uncle’s hit performance quits, Holland has just the musician in mind to replace him. Everyone becomes mesmerized by him but there’s one problem: he’s overstayed his student visa from Ireland. Holland suggests they get hitched as a way for him to be able to stay in the show. They’re just going to be glorified roommates after all right? Things heat up and Holland begins questioning what’s reality and if any of this is still pretend...

I think this one is my FAV CLo so far! I LOVED it! It was the perfect balance of slowly-built, slow-burn tension but it paid off scorchingly well. It’s equal parts tender, heartwarming and hot - if you’re looking for a good quick romance this one hits all the notes!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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