The Night Olivia Fell

The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald follows the stories of Olivia and Abi. The book opens with Olivia being found after falling from a bridge with a severe brain injury on life support. She has no brain activity left but when her mother Abi gets to the hospital, she learns Olivia is pregnant. Washington state will not remove a woman from life support if they are pregnant and the fetus is still viable. The doctors plan to keep Olivia alive for the next few months until the baby can be safely delivered. Abi is in complete shock...and then she notices bruising on Olivia's wrists.

Abi doesn't for one second believe this fall was an accident and she sets out to find the truth. The timeline weaves back and forth between Abi in the present-tense and Olivia in the past detailing the events that lead up to the fall. Abi was confident her and Olivia were incredibly close but as she digs deeper into the incident, she starts to wonder if she ever knew her daughter at all..

I really enjoyed this one. It had mystery and thriller elements but also a ton of character development and depth. You aren't just flying through the pages to see what happened to Olivia because you also want to understand her. This book hits on parenting and family secrets. The balance of allowing your children to grow up while still wanting to protect them. The decisions you make when trying to protect the ones you love. If you enjoy mysteries with a family-centered struggle at the core - I think you'll really like reading this one!

Thanks to BookSparks and Gallery Books for my free copy as part of #WRC2019. All opinions are my own.

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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