Pucked by @helenahunting follows Violet and Alex. And friends let me tell you...it is WILD. But in the best possible way. 😜  Violet has grown up around hockey, her step-brother Buck plays in the NHL after all. One night she begrudgingly agrees to go to one of his first games after he’s traded to the Blackhawks. It’s there during the game that she locks eyes with one of his teammates Alex.

Alex Waters is captain of the team and a notorious womanizer. When he begins talking to Violet after the game Buck warns her to stay away and yet somehow she finds herself drawn to him. He’s kind, gorgeous and she nearly does a double take when he makes a literary reference during their conversation. She ends up spending the night with him and learns there may actually be much more depth there than she expected. She figures they’re done after their one night but Alex isn’t having it. He wants more and she doesn’t want anything to do with his public persona or the spotlight. Violet questions if he can possibly be the real deal or if she’ll end up heartbroken and just another one of his flings..

This one is the first in the Pucked series and it’s a very quick and entertaining book. I read it in one shot in a few hours. The dialogue was hilarious and I actually found myself cackling out loud reading because of how funny and ridiculous it was at times. Violet cracked me up. She has NO filter and just says whatever she’s thinking. Including all the funny, weird, awkward and and cringeworthy things that come when being intimate with someone else. All the things you’ve thought in your head but didn’t want to say or ever express - Violet has got you covered 😂. Be warned - if smut isn’t your thing you may want to pass because this one is up there on the 🔥 scale. There’s like 8 more books in the Pucked series that follow some of the other characters and their relationships that you meet in this one. Plus Alex and Violet come back in book 4 so I can’t wait to see how their journey continues to evolve! Heat lovers - if you want new guilty-pleasure series to sink your teeth into that delivers on hilarity and heart too - this one’s for you! 

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️

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