Pucked Over

Pucked Over by @helenahunting is the third in the Pucked series and it may be my absolute favorite so far! This one follows Lily and Randy who briefly get together in book two but now we get all the ins and outs. Randy is another one of the players for the Chicago Blackhawks who plays with Alex and Buck. At this point, Lily has been in and out of a 7 year relationship with Benji and her first interaction with Randy happens when he walks in on her in the bathroom naked. After a mortifying first introduction, Lily sasses and snarks Randy and he can’t get enough. Their chemistry is palpable and they both agree to just have some fun while Lily is on the rebound.

Before they know it, fun looks a lot like a relationship. Randy can’t be in relationships, he feels he’s doomed to repeat his fathers mistakes. And Lily isn’t sure a relationship with a NHL-er is what she needs right now after her hockey-playing father was completely absent after getting her mom pregnant. Will these two be doomed to repeat their parents footsteps when the fun stops?

I LOVED this one. I am all for some spunky banter and this one delivers. Randy was so sensitive despite that tough exterior, which I am a sucker for. And if you’re here for the heat, IT. IS. HERE. These two made me laugh and feel all the things and we still got to interact with Alex & Violet and Sunny & Buck, which I loved. Next up, book 4 is the sequel to Pucked and goes back to Alex and Violet, which I cannot wait to start! This one reigns supreme for me so far and gets all the stars!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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