The Key To Happily Ever After

The Key to Happily Ever After by Tif Marcelo follows sisters Mari, Jane and Pearl de la Rosa as the three have just inherited the family's wedding planning business Rings and Roses from their parents. Every chapter has a specific song-themed title and the POV shifts between the sisters.

Mari, the oldest sister is doing her best to be a good example for her sisters after she's made some mistakes in the past. Mari has put her personal life on hold to pour everything into the business, but then she meets her client's brother and starts having feelings she hasn't felt in quite some time..

Jane is a single-mother to her son, trying to balance the business and family life while for yearning for her son to have his father in his life and playing referee between her constantly feuding sisters. She is both the middle-child and the mediator in the family and also in the business.

And then we have Pearl, the youngest of the sisters. Pearl is dying for more responsibility in the shop. After running social media for Rings and Roses for awhile she feels she's ready for the challenge of having a top client all to herself and she's got her sights set on a big one. Mari, however isn't sure she's ready and Pearl starts questioning whether or not she needs more from her career. Plus her long-time friend Trent, who also happens to be her best friend's brother, starts hanging out with her more. Could their childhood friendship possibly blossom into something more?

I LOVED this one! It was exactly the book I needed right now. This is a PERFECT one to add to your summer reading lists to enjoy on the beach/in a hammock/on the porch. I loved the sister's dynamic as they navigated being new business owners. I loved the blossoming relationships that delicately took shape throughout the book. I loved seeing the ins and outs of the wedding planning business and the conflicts that arose from that. This is such a cute, charming, heart-warming book. If you want a quick one to read quickly that will just make you feel good - you HAVE to add this one to your list and it's available now!!

Thanks to Gallery Books for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review! All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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