Starfish by Lisa Becker follows Marin and Brad. Fresh off her internship, Marin is hopefully anticipating job placement at a tech company in Seattle. Much to her surprise and dismay, she gets assigned to follow rock band Kings Quarters on tour and work on boosting their social media presence. Her time on the road is initially filled with juvenile pranks and the boys’ antics and she wishes she were anywhere else..

Of all the band members, she feels an instant connection to Brad. He’s smart, considerate, a dedicated brother and he has other passions outside of music. They begin to bond over tv reruns when she’s continually misplaced from her hotel room when her roommate wants to spend alone time with her boyfriend. What starts out innocent threatens to bloom into something more but Marin has one rule: don’t get involved with anyone you work with...

I LOVED this one. The back and forth between Brad and Marin was witty and sharp. I loved that Brad had so many layers to him. This one is a slowww burn but the payoff is so worth it. There is a getaway trip that is just pure perfection. The story behind the book’s namesake is also perfection (and I too am one of these!) For you romance lovers that want two characters to just adore with some banter and a little heat - this one will rock your world!

Thank you Lisa Becker for sending me a copy of Starfish in exchange for an honest review! All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️ 1/2

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