The Deal

The Deal by @ellekennedy33 begins with Hannah Wells at college, trying to move on after being sexually assaulted a few years prior. Fresh off acing her ethics midterm, star hockey player and captain Garret Graham decides he needs Hannah as his tutor. He needs to maintain his GPA in order to keep playing hockey and he’s relentless in his pursuit of getting Hannah to agree to help him.

Hannah finally says yes and they make a deal. Hannah will tutor Garrett and in exchange, Garrett will take her as his date to a party to help introduce her to Justin, the guy she’s had her eye on. The two begin studying together and soon Garrett and “Wellsy” as he calls her, develop a friendship. Hannah learns he isn’t just some dumb jock but he’s kind, smart, compassionate, funny, protective and loyal. Before she knows it, she feels increasingly drawn to Garrett and loses sight of Justin. As they grow closer, they both realize they are still fighting demons from the past. Could they save each other or will their pasts end up consuming one another?

THIS BOOK. I LOVED this book SO SO MUCH! The banter and sarcastic quips between Hannah and Garrett were hilarious! I was continually laughing out loud when reading and had a huge smile plastered to my face throughout. It had the perfect mix of hilarity, tenderness, patience and scorching chemistry. Thank god there are 3 more books in this series so I can continue on living in this world for awhile. For those who like friends-to-lovers sports romances - this one is for you!!

Trigger warning: sexual assault

@mamajustwantstoread and I picked this as our first selection for our romance buddy read group and our first discussion is tonight at 8PM EST! If you’ve read it or want to join the group send me a message and let me know! #sealTHEDEALbuddyread 

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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