Getting Down

Getting Down by Helena Hunting is a quick little novella that occurs right after Shacking Up. This one continues to follow Ruby, Bancroft, Amie, Armstrong and Bancroft's brother Lexington. It's more a series of stories following the characters and picks up right around Halloween with Ruby determined to throw a party. You get more of Ruby and Bane's scorching chemistry and relationship. More insight into the inner workings of Amie and Armstrong's relationship and some possible red flags. And more of Lexington and Amie's history. This one is fast, flirty and firey and I listened to the audio in about 2 hours! I loved getting to exist in this world a little bit longer with Ruby and Bane. And now I can't wait to delve deeper into Amie's story in Hooking Up!
Book Rating: ☕☕☕☕

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