Shacking Up

Shacking Up by Helena Hunting follows Ruby and Bancroft. Ruby comes from family money but finds herself in a predicament when she decides to branch off on her own and pursue a career in theater. After not joining the family business as expected, her father cuts her off and she loses her job as her bank account closely approaches zero. To make matters worse, at her best friends engagement party a flu-laden drunken stranger kisses her, mistaking her for someone else and she finds herself not only reciprocating the kiss but then sick as hell the following day. She blows an audition and is left scrambling wondering how she is going to get her life back on track...

Bancroft, strung-out on too much cold medicine, is left reeling after he accidentally kisses the mystery brunette at the engagement party. They run into each other again at a dinner and before he knows it he's offering to let her pet sit for him and live in his apartment for the five weeks he's going to be traveling overseas. He's recently left playing rugby professionally and has joined the family's hotel management group in NYC. Ruby needs a place to stay and it's his fault she blew the audition by being sick after all... But the more time Ruby stays in his place the more he comes to enjoy the consistency and everything that she has to offer. Through long-distance video chats their continued dynamic is flaming with unresolved tension and both of them are dying to find out if there could be more to their arrangement after all...

I LOVED this one. The QUEEN Helena Hunting ALWAYS slays me. No one writes banter or builds tension quite like she does. She always has be laughing out loud. I listened to most of it on audio and this one has two of my favorite narrators! (They also narrate a few in the PUCKED series, which I'm also obsessed with!) I will eagerly be reading Hooking Up, Getting Down and I Flipping Love You before the releases of Making Up and Handle With Care this summer! For those of you who love some electrifying banter with equally sizzling heat - grab this one and throw it in your beach bag!

Book Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕

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