Hooking Up

Hooking Up by @helenahunting is the second book in the Shacking Up series and we pick up with Amie and Armstrong (introduced in both Shacking Up and Getting Down) on their wedding day. Newly hitched and ready to enjoy their reception, Amie is waiting for Armstrong when suddenly the PA system turns on and broadcasts Armstrong getting a little side action with someone who is NOT Amie and all of the wedding guests overhear. Amie, mortified and raging escapes her reception but not before an awkward run in with Lexington (Bancroft's older brother from Shacking Up). The two have shared some prior flirting but it was never anything more than that because then Amie had met Armstrong.

Amie decides she's going on her honeymoon solo and that some time in Bora Bora will be good for her after the wedding fiasco. Who does she bump into at the airport? None other than Lexington who also happens to be traveling to Bora Bora on business for the family's luxury hotel chain. They run into each other on the island too and Amie decides to give in to what she wants. They both agree that it's just physical - that they are just going to be what the other needs during their time in Bora Bora. But Lex doesn't want to be just a rebound. He wants to be more although he's in no position to ask. And Amie knows she shouldn't be feeling these things so close to the demise of her previous relationship but she can't help it. Their chemistry is insane and she knows it's only going to all inevitably come crashing down...

I LOVED THIS ONE. The audio is fire for any of you audiobook listeners. DAMN @helenahuting 🔥🔥🔥if you like some steam to your romances THIS. IS. YOUR. BOOK! 🙌🏻 The banter is everything. It's comedic and charming and just such a fun read. I love HH's books and this series is becoming one of my fast favorites of hers! I can't wait for Making Up to come out this summer so I can read Griffin's story. Until then I'll just keep plowing through HH's backlist. This one gets ALL THE CUPS!

Book Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕

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