The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone by @authorabbyjimenez follows Kristen, a twenty-four year old who's busy planning her best friends wedding while also facing a life-changing medical procedure that will render her unable to have kids. She's been in a long distance relationship for the last two years and readying herself to move in with her boyfriend Tyler as the procedure date nears. After a chance meeting in a fender-bender, Kristen is introduced to Josh, the best man in the wedding where she's the maid of honor...

Josh is not only a firefighter who works with Brandon (the groom-to-be) but he also does carpentry in his spare time. That's good news for Kristen who's looking for a replacement carpenter to build doggie stairs for her side business. From day one Kristen knows she's in trouble. Josh is handsome, kind, funny and really seems to understand who she is on the deepest of levels. She finds herself increasingly attracted to him with one remaining speed bump, Tyler. Kristen refuses to be the girl who cheats but also can't seem to sever the connection she has with Josh. Can they keep it in the friend zone or were they meant to be so much more?

I really loved this one. I laughed out loud so many times the dialogue is just fantastic. This is a great romance but it deals with so much more. If you've ever struggled with infertility or just being enough for someone else, your heart will go through the ringer on this one. Fertility has always been an unanswered question for me due to endometriosis and I so related to Kristen and her internal struggle. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll love right along with Kristen when this one hits shelves June 11, 2019! - YOU ALL BETTER HAVE THIS PREORDERED!

Thank you to Abby Jimenez and Forever Publishing for gifting me a copy to review! All opinions are my own!

Book Review: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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