The Lemon Sisters

The Lemon Sisters by @jillshalvis follows sisters Brooke and Mindy Lemon. Mindy the “always perfect” sister arrives on Brooke’s doorstep in LA, a disheveled mess asking Brooke to take the kids and let her escape her life for a little bit. After three kids and a barely there husband Linc, Mindy’s reached her breaking point. Brooke, the younger Lemon sister, has spent the last 7 years avoiding her hometown due to a tragic event in her past with an ex-flame but reluctantly agrees to go help her sister in need. Brooke arrives to Wildstone and jumps into Super Aunt mode while Mindy tries to figure out what happiness looks like for her.

Brooke is surprised to find that that ex-flame Garrett is very much still apart of Mindy and the kids lives. And that he just happens to be their neighbor AND renovating their house. After spending the last 7 years running Brooke is desperate to try and apologize and move on from their past. But underneath all that pain and betrayal lies some ever burning heat. They both can feel it. Can they move on from their painful past and make it work this time or will Brooke take off running to protect herself the only way she knows how?

I LOVED this one. I read it one day (today) and it had the perfect blend of everything. Heart, heat, pain, romance, family, all of it. I’ve been waiting for a book to just claw at my heart this way for awhile. The town, the family dynamics, the drama and GAH of course the love story. (The mug is a nod to Snoop 🐾) This is the third in the Wildstone series but it reads as a complete stand alone. I haven’t read the other ones but I definitely plan to! For fans of The Simple Wild and The Friend Zone who love second-chance small-town romances that will just take hold of your heart - YOU HAVE TO add this to your lists! It’s out TODAY June 18th!

Thanks to Lisa Filipe and William Morrow Books for my copy to review! All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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