Recursion by @blakecrouch1 begins by following Barry, a Detective in the NYPD in November 2018. Barry is fresh off failing to stop a jumper from committing suicide he is reeling. She informed Barry she was suffering from FMS. False Memory Syndrome. She has a duality of memories from two distinct lives and can’t discern which ones are reality. Distraught after the incident and afraid he might catch FMS himself, Barry begins to investigate…

In 2007, Helena is a scientist who is working on technology to record and map memories. She hopes to invent a device that would be able to store memories that she could later re-impart into her mother suffering from end-stage Alzheimer’s in order to help her remember. Helena is approached by a mysterious investor who offers to fund her research. Helena is thrilled but soon realizes that this mystery man may know more than he’s letting on. And Helena is shocked to learn that her technology may in fact have far more sinister uses..

GUYS. THIS BOOK. After Dark Matter I thought it couldn’t get any better and it did! If you thought that one required any amount of mental gymnastics, BUCKLE UP. Not only is this book an awesome sci-fi read on the surface but it touches on so many other things. What is a memory? What is time? Why do we process certain memories different than others? Is time on a linear continuum? As technology progresses should we play God? If we had the power to change the past should we? Or we will all just destroy each other in the end? My brain hurt so much after reading this book but in the best possible way. Crouch’s writing is so brilliant that you can follow exactly where he is going even when higher level physics and philosophy concepts are introduced. For fans of Dark Matter and King’s 11/22/63 you’ll devour this one IN A DAY! It’s out now!!

Thanks to Crown Publishing for my review copy! All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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