The Mistake

The Mistake by @ellekennedy33 picks up after the end of the first book in the Off-Campus series The Deal. In this installment we follow Logan (Garrett’s best friend and hockey teammate from book 1.) Logan has been fighting feelings for his best friends girl for some time now until he happens upon Grace...

Grace is a freshman struggling with her identity in her first year of college. She’s unsure of herself, her friends and her love life. She runs into Logan and they have a quick heated hookup until he bolts. After the mortifying incident with Logan and then a betrayal from her best friend, Grace is done always being the doormat and begins to come into her own.

She spends her summer discovering who she is and when she returns to Briar for her sophomore year she’s not taking shit from anyone. Too bad for Logan because he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since their hookup. He’s realized what he wants and despite Grace ignoring him all summer he’s determined to win her back. But Grace won’t be fooled twice and she certainly isn’t going to be steamrolled by him again this time...

I just freaking love this series. SO MUCH. I loved this one. Yes it was a romance but it also had so much depth. @ellekennedy33 ‘s books are such a nice mix of story and satisfying steam 🔥 - there are family issues intertwined with the sports aspect plus the romance, which I love! I can’t wait to read the last two in this series!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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