Boyfriend Bargain

Boyfriend Bargain by @ilsamaddenmills follows Zack and Sugar. Sugar goes to a party one night in search of the college hockey superstar to strike up a bargain with him. Before she ever gets to propose her idea, the two meet on the dance floor and engage in a passionate bathroom hookup. Afterwards, Zack can’t stop thinking about her and she has an eerie familiarity to someone in his past.

After their one night the two strike a deal. Sugar needs Zack to help convince the Vandy board to let her into law school (they’re huge hockey fans) and Zack needs Sugar as a pretend girlfriend to ward off the groupies so he can focus on his final hockey season. Everything should be fine for them to go on pretending but neither of them can forget that one night together. As much as Sugar pushes back, the chemistry is magnetic and Zack is determined to make Sugar his for real. But Sugar isn’t sure if she can fully surrender to him and Zack is hiding a few secrets of his own..

I really liked this one! I read it in a day and a half. The heat in this one is CALIENTE. They have an intense attraction and just can not seem to stay away from one another. Zack had some demons in his closet and it was interesting to see how those played out. I loved seeing their instant chemistry but watching Sugar fight it and Zack trying to wear her down. If you want a nice quick beach read that packs some tenderness and heat - this one is for you! And BONUS - the next one in the Hawthorne U series comes out in October featuring one of the hockey friends!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️

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