Coldhearted Boss

Coldhearted Boss from @authorrsgrey follows Taylor and Ethan. Taylor is busting her butt trying to make ends meet to help support her Mom while she is in school and pay for her sister’s expensive asthma medication. One night at a bar, while down on her luck she eyes a stranger. Instant chemistry flares between them and they end up heavily making out in the bar bathroom. During their hookup, Taylor notices the man’s wallet and takes it for a split second thinking the cash inside could really change her course. She breaks up their hookup and after some self-reflection returns the wallet to the bartender untouched.

When a job opportunity arises in town to work on a construction site, Taylor jumps at the chance to make some real money for her family. Despite having no experience, she somehow scores a role on the construction site as an assistant to the boss. The boss just happens to be her bathroom hookup Ethan and he isn’t amused. All Ethan knows is that when he got his wallet back it was missing cash and he’s going to make her pay for that. In order to keep his eyes on Taylor, he manipulates the sleeping arrangements. Instead of Taylor sharing a bunk with all the construction guys she ends up sharing the Rose cabin with Ethan. In close quarters their hatred of one another intensifies with their passionate memory far FAR away. Can they figure out a way to just be civil before the building tension threatens to explode into something much more dangerous…?

Ok. Enemies to lovers is ALWAYS my favorite. I just love when two characters despise each other and then its just goes 💥. These two REALLY hated each other. Well…Ethan really hated her (except we know he didn’t) but he was a REAL dick for most of the book. I live for the sarcastic quips, the pretending that neither is affecting the other, watching the hatred burn into desire, all of it. This was my first R.S. Grey and certainly won’t be my last. This one is definitely a slow burn so ladies..PATIENCE! I enjoyed it and I can’t wait for our #freaksbetweenthebooksheets to discuss it at the end of the month with @mamajustwantstoread and I!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️

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