She’s A Spitfire

She’s a Spitfire by Chloe Liese is book two in the Tough Love Series and continues Nairne and Zed’s love story. It picks up right where the last one ended with Zed trying to find a way out of his mafia life while Nairne is set to move to London in a few short weeks. Nairne can’t bear the thought of their relationship splintering apart so quickly so she takes measures into her own hands in an attempt to get him out…

Zed’s past isn’t the only one that Nairne should be worrying about. A vile character from her history starts creeping into her present and she’s desperate to hide the truth from Zed in order to protect him. Can these two escape their past lives in order to begin a new future together? Or will the lies of the past end their happily ever after before it even begins?

I really enjoyed seeing where Zed and Nairne’s relationship went next. Their love for one another was solid but family obstacles and past traumas kept coloring their relationship. This one was equal parts action novel and plot driven as it was glimpses into their dynamic and romance. I love that Nairne’s physical disability doesn’t make Zed see her as any less his equal, which was only amplified in this one. As a nurse, there is a cath scene in there that made me swoon over Zed and just demonstrated unequivocal love and devotion in the purest way. If you enjoyed the first book He’s A Brute or the Fifty Shades series you’ll love the second installment! Can’t wait for the third and final book to release later this year!

Thanks to author Chloe Liese for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review! All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️

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