The Two Lila Bennetts

“We are the sum of our choices..”

The Two Lila Bennetts by @lisaandliz follows Lila Bennett, a successful attorney who’s made a lot of bad decisions. After cheating on her husband for 6 months with her best friend’s husband, who also happens to be her legal partner Sam, Lila decides to call it off. She gets to her car after the breakup dinner and her life splits in two.

In one continuum she goes home to her husband and tries to make amends for all of the bad decisions she’s made. In another, she’s kidnapped in the parking garage and held captive. Her captor intent on making her atone for her sins before ending her. The two parallels alternate chapters between “captured” and “freed” leaving you wondering who really IS Lila Bennet and is it too late for her to make her amends...

This one was really interesting and super quick to read! The chapters flew by as I was trying to figure out exactly what was happening, what was real, was all of it real? I’m still not sure I know exactly. It plays on the premise that your life is a series of choices and each choice leads you down a certain path. This details two of those paths. I know I sometimes wonder if I went back and did it differently, where would I be? Would I still end up in this place? How would my life look? This is the PERFECT read to throw in your bag and speed through at the beach, pool, on a plane, DMV, really ANYWHERE as you race to figure out what’s going on and who wants to make Lila pay...

Thanks to Lisa and Liz for sending me a copy to review! All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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