Faker by Sarah Smith is an incredible debut that follows Emmie. She’s a copywriter in a male dominated tool company and she’s used to faking it. Faking her boss B persona, faking toughness, faking feelings and oh yeah – faking that other thing you’re thinking of. Despite her thick shell, she also can’t stand her coworker Tate and he’s constantly getting under her skin. He’s hated her from day one and despite trying so hard to be nice to him she can’t seem to penetrate that tough exterior.

The two can’t go more than a few minutes without trading barbs so Emmie is in shock when Tate suggests they work together on a bonus volunteer project that will have them spending the next year working closely. She has no clue how she’s going to survive all of Tate’s animosity when after a misunderstanding he surprises her. She gets a glimpse inside him and can’t help but want to know more. Could she possibly let her guard down around Tate and not have to fake it anymore, or will she be left hurt and shattered once again?

I REALLY loved this one! The pacing was so refreshing. It was teased out well but also satisfying at all the points it needed to be to keep me going and saying “ok just one more page.” (You know I need my 🔥🔥) I love the enemies to lovers trope and this one was done so well. One of my biggest pet peeves in romance is when characters fail to communicate how they are feeling and things are drawn out incessantly. Emmie and Tate did face conflict but talked through it along the way which was so refreshing for me and made me adore this one even more! Faker is out in the world today and I can’t even believe this is Smith’s debut so make sure you go out and get your copy now!!

Thanks to Sarah and Berkley Romance for a gifted copy to review!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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