The Bromance Book Club

The first rule of book club…don’t talk about book club…

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams finds Gavin and Thea with their marriage in shambles. Gavin is a professional baseball player and Thea has long played the part of doting baseball WAG until she can’t pretend anymore. After finding out his wife has been faking it (yup, that IT) for most of their marriage, Gavin doesn’t know how to process the information and refuses to continue to communicate with his wife. Thea is at her wits end asks for a divorce, which propels Gavin to do whatever it takes to fix their marriage. But Thea’s mind is made up.

Gavin reaches out to his teammates and they invite him to be part of their exclusive club. The men read romance novels to better understand how to communicate with their wives, girlfriends and partners and they ask for blind trust from Gavin. They choose Courting the Countess for him and the timeline weaves back and forth between events unfolding within the romance novel and events currently. Can Gavin prove that there’s still that spark in his marriage or will him and Thea be without their HEA after all?

This one was so fun! I loved the book club. The guys were hilarious and I actually love the premise of this idea. Let’s be honest – the reason I love reading romance so much is to get lost in the fantasy and believe in the happily ever after. Thea was tough at times – she had a lot of baggage from her childhood and she really stood her ground. Gavin was very reactive at times but you could see him striving to evolve and to learn how to be better. I love how this book took on toxic masculinity and the Pinterest conversation/shopping discussions were some of my favorites. Thea’s sister Liv was also deeply hurt by her childhood so I am DYING for her and Mack’s book thats out in March to revisit this world. The Bromance Book Club is out TODAY – so go grab your copy and prepare to get courted

Thanks to Berkley Romance for a complimentary copy to review! All opinions are my own!!

Book Rating: ☕☕☕☕

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