Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert follows Chloe, after a near fatal accident she’s decided to make a bucket list of sorts and take charge of her life. She suffers from fibromyalgia and is always dealing with debilitating pain, which has led many of her friends and past lovers to leave her. Chloe doesn’t let that hold her back and is snarky and sassy about living with the pain even when her body gives up on her. She refuses to let her life pass her by anymore so she enlists her building’s super Red to help her with her “get a life” list.

Red Morgan has always been attracted to Chloe, but an abusive past relationship has always kept him at arms length. While the two seem to initially dislike one another, there is an underlying attraction slowly brewing and the two develop a friendship when Red agrees to help her with her list in exchange for some freelance web design work. They continue to grow closer, both desperate for connection, but afraid to take the next step due to their pasts…

I really really liked Chloe as a character. I loved getting to see how living with fibromyalgia affected her in every day life and within relationships. I loved her sassiness and just her overall spirit in life. I liked Red’s character as well. It was interesting to read about a male hero who had experienced domestic abuse in his past and watch him work through that in therapy. He was so sweet and understanding with Chloe no matter what she was experiencing. Where this one fell a little flat for me was the chemistry between them. They did have some sparring and banter which was witty but it wasn’t that tension that is just boiling off the page where you can’t wait for them to get together. When I did get to some of those steamier scenes it was hard for me to get there with them. It didn’t always feel right for these two and I had a hard time making the transition past their friendship. I’m sure this is a case of it’s just me (I’ve been reading too many romances) – but if you’re looking for a new take on contemporary romance, Chloe’s story definitely made me re-evaluate my own life and stop continuing to sit back and just wait for things to happen!

Thanks to Avon Books for the complimentary copy to review. All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️

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