My Favorite Book of All Time: A Re-Read of The Simple Wild

It’s rare when you read a book that you connect to on the deepest of levels that it leaves you so affected months after you’ve finished. That’s what this book is for me. I read it for the first time in February and fell in love with Calla, Jonah, Wren, Agnes, Mabel and Bangor, Alaska. It features of all my favorite things: hate to love, banter, family dynamics and small towns.

Every time I read a romance I’m constantly chasing the feelings that The Simple Wild evoked. I’ve found some that have come close but this book still reigns supreme. After being fed up with everything I was reading I decided it was time for a reread. And it was everything to me all over again.

I’m always afraid when I reread a book it won’t spark the same reaction or have the same magic it did the first time. That by somehow knowing how the plot would unfold that it would somehow decrease the impact. I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case. I think I loved it EVEN MORE the second time. It inspired, made me feel all the things and reminded me of why I love to read. KA Tucker is working on the sequel Wild at Heart out in March and I’m restless waiting to pick back up with Calla and Jonah. And I will likely reread The Simple Wild for the third time before it comes out.


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