RoomHate by Penelope Ward begins with Amelia inheriting her grandmother’s beach house. One problem, she only left half to Amelia and the other half to her one-time childhood best friend Justin. After an issue in their pasts separated them, Justin hasn’t forgiven Amelia and can’t stand to be around her. Amelia is hopeful that this summer house is the fresh start they need to get back into one another’s lives..

They begin to talk one drunken night and work through past heartache. Both harboring feelings for the other and never acting on them. Justin continues in a relationship and the timing just never seems to be right. The story continues to span a few years, as they live their lives and come back to the summer house each summer and reconnect as friends. A massive twist in Amelia’s life has her reevaluating everything and Justin promises to be there for her. Will the timing finally be right or will they both be left feeling like the other got away one more time?

I liked this one. I listened to it in a day and it was entertaining and easy to listen. This one definitely packed quite a few dramatic plot twists so if that’s not your thing just be aware. Amelia’s insecurities were frustrating a lot of the time but you knew she had been hurt in the past. I liked seeing them navigate back into a friendship and then determine if it could be more. This one is a frustrating SLOW burn but once you get to the good stuff….ITS GOOD 🔥 – if you want a quick one-day read!

Book Rating: ☕☕☕

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