We Met in December

We Met in December by Rosie Curtis follows Jess as she moves into a shared house after scoring a publishing job in London. She’s immediately enamored with one of her housemates Alex, but when she leaves on a two week trip she comes home to find out he’s hooking up with someone else! They remain friends, with Alex showing Jess around London on their weekly walks and she tries to move forward and forget about her house mate.

The story spans an entire year, following Jess and Alex with their friends and the happenings within the house. Their timing continues to be off, as once Alex breaks his casual fling off, Jess finds herself in a serious relationship. Is this just a lingering attraction or will they ever get the timing right and take their relationship to the next level?

I listened to this one on a snowy day and it was fine for that. It’s a cute British romcom but VERY VERY light on the romance. The book follows the entire friends group and their lives over the course of a year so if you’re hoping for a true romance you don’t get that here. Overall, I loved the British humor and I listened on audio so the accents of course made me swoon. I wish we had a little more focus on Alex and Jess but overall it was a light, cute, fluffy, one day wintery listen that got me into the spirit amidst a snowstorm!!

Thanks to William Morrow Books for the free book in order to review! All opinions are my own!

Book Rating: ☕☕☕

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