Anyone by Charles Soule begins with mother and scientist Gabby, searching for a cure to Alzheimer’s. One night, alone in her barn and frustrated by her lack of progress and rapidly depleting funds, she creates a reaction that flashes her consciousness into another body… Thus, the flash is born. Gabby is excited about the possibility to change the world with this there’s only one problem: to fund her experiments she made a deal with Detroit’s very own devil…

Twenty years into the future and Annami is using the flash frequently just like everyone else in the world. The corporation behind the flash NeOnet has made sure the technology is monitored, controlled and widespread – available to everyone. So you can literally be ANYONE. And like anything, the flash can be used to do both good and bad. The dark flash is an underground network where the technology can be used to flash into different bodies for all the sinister things one could ever desire. Annami’s got a score to settle and if she’s not careful she may find herself in way over her head..

This book was WILD. And I freaking loved it! Part thriller, part sci-fi, part commentary on humanity as a whole, this twisty and mind-bending ride will have you racing through the pages and examining our society altogether. It’s been awhile since a book caught me by surprise like this and It was just so good! Fans of Blake Crouch will devour this!!

MASSIVE thanks to and @bostonbookfanatic for having me as part of #mysterybookclub and to @harperperennial for gifting me a copy to read!! This was a fanatic experience and I can’t wait for more! Anyone is out now so go grab your copy!!

Book Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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