Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah follows Tully and Kate. They meet one fated night when both are in eighth grade and both desperately needing a friend in the world. They come from completely different worlds; Kate with an intact and overbearing family and Tully from a broken home. Despite being complete opposites, they form a bond and promise to be best friends forever.

The story is told through the decades beginning with the 70s and the progressing to the 80s, 90s and the new millennium. Together through high school, college, dating, boys, drinking, drugs, marriages and children – TullyandKate ebb and flow through the years as their relationship is tested. Their lives take different shapes but they continue to be the constant for one another until a betrayal rocks their friendship like never before. Can their thirty year bond work through this or will this lifelong friendship finally crumble?

KRISTIN. HANNAH. There is a reason I have to take one year breaks between her books. She writes human dynamics and relationships just OH SO PERFECTLY. At the end of the year I talked about books that you can just feel in your soul – Kristin Hannah is one of those authors who repeatedly does this to me with every book she writes. Firefly Lane was no exception. Anyone who has had a friendship that has lasted multiple years knows those relationships shift and change over the years. Sometimes you’re more the giver and other times the taker. Sometimes the listener and other times the talker. KH so perfectly told this story between these two young girls turned women who found each other when they both needed it most. And in true KH fashion, prepare to have your heart ripped out. I tried to read something else after but because I’m evidently a masochist – I dove right into the sequel Fly Away and am continuing the self-torture. Thanks to @kraysbookclub for getting this impromptu buddy read together! It’s been on my bookshelf for so long and this pushed me to finally read it and I’m so glad I did!!

Book Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕

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