Went on vacation, might start reading…

Came back to Instagram for a solid week, spent month moving out of current apartment into a new one, had mental health crisis, now on vacation picking up my first book in over 3 months.

That about sums up the past few months. I had been so happy to finally be posting again and then somehow the winter and the move just brought my mental health to a boiling point. Finally starting to feel better and more like myself after seeking some additional treatment and proud that I read a whopping 40 pages yesterday after having zero interest in books for months. I don’t know if I’ll ever post in the same way I used to or if it will always include gaps of time off but I do know that when I feel like it I will and today I do! I’m so grateful to have my Bookstagram turned real life friends to still keep in touch with inside or outside of this space regardless of my posting schedule and that has been so freeing of letting expectations on here go.

I’m on a 5 day r&r in Florida and no other author other than @authorabbyjimenez could so quickly bring a smile back to my face. I preordered this a million months ago and knew it was the book I was going to take with me on vacation and I’m already in love. I used to be able to read a book in a day but now I know if I finish this on vacation it will be a massive accomplishment for me. That’s all I’ve got! – hi from me and a piña colada 🧉☀️

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