The Four Winds

The Four Winds was one of the last books I read this winter. I love KH! The Nightingale, The Great Alone, Firefly Lane and Fly Away are all some of my all time favs so I was thrilled when a new book was coming out!

This one follows Elsa and family during the Great Depression. Dust storm after dust storm, drought, famine, illness, misery. This one follows KH typical format and I really enjoyed the slow storytelling and really just living in that place of despair (perhaps because I was in my own version of mental despair at the time.) I really was obsessed with every word of this book until the last quarter or so and then it lost me a little.

I know many people have varying thoughts on this one and many of them are negative. My feelings on a book always are influenced by how I currently feel when reading and what the story does for me. I really enjoyed that vast majority and it kept me reading during a time when picking up a book seemed insurmountable. I really liked feeling every moment of disparity and the hopelessness – because it just felt so realistic for the time and for that I think I’m finally settled at ☕️☕️☕️☕️ overall. For those that love a slower character driven story this one may be for you!

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