The Summer Deal

{ @williammorrowbooks #partner } The Summer Deal by Jill Shalvis is the latest in the Wildstone series (one of my fav series by the way!) and is the perfect book to throw in your bag and bring to the beach this summer!

After suffering a humiliating heartbreak, Brynn returns to Wildstone where she unexpectedly runs into Eli her former camp crush who she hasn’t seen in years. Desperate to get out from her parents thumb, Brynn eagerly accepts when Eli extends an olive branch and offers to rent her a room in his house. Small problem, Eli’s best friend and roommate Kinsey happens to just be Brynn’s childhood camp enemy. And little does she know Kinsey is keeping a massive secret that could just shatter her world. As Eli and Brynn grow closer, Kinsey’s secret threatens to ruin it all…

I love the Wildstone series and Jill Shalvis’ books just so much. They are perfect summer books to take on a trip or to the beach and just get lost. I loved the second chance small town romance between Brynn and Eli here. I also loved that this book was not just a romance but also runs parallel storylines of all the supporting characters so it really feels like a multi-POV family story with multiple romances woven throughout. Good tension, good banter, a touch of steam and those heartwarming and tender moments I’m always looking for. If you need a book for your next outing – The Summer Deal is the perfect accompaniment! ☀️

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