The Soulmate Equation

Another one down! The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren features Jess, a single mother killing her self to make ends meet while giving up on love all together. She’s got her best friend Fizzy, her grandparents and her daughter and is content with where her life is at. That is under the grumpy guy who frequents her coffee shop nicknamed “Americano” tells her and Fizzy he’s working on a dating app based on genetic compatibility and invites them to visit the offices of GeneticAlly. The premise is simple, you provide a sample of saliva and the app runs through an algorithm and gives you matches with a compatibility score based on genetics. Jess submits a sample on a whim and is shocked to learn she’s been matched with none other than River Peña – Mr. Americano himself. Is this genetic prediction real? Could you really fall for someone you may be genetically destined to be with?

Ok I loved this book so much. I loved the theory of nature vs nurture and what truly goes into attraction, trust and making a relationship work. I loved watching the chemistry build while second guessing of the data behind the matches. I loved that they had such good communication even as they were scared. There was some great spice which was a delightful treat! Everything I love about a CLo romance shone through and I enjoyed this one so much!! If you need an adorable romance to brighten your day – you have to pick up a copy of The Soulmate Equation!

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