We Are the Brennans

Another book down on this vacation where I’m FINALLY getting back into my reading groove!

We Are the Brennans follows the Brennan family – a first generation Irish-American family living in New York who are all carrying a dark secret of their own. Sunday returns home after abruptly leaving for LA five years prior after getting into a drunk driving accident and it’s clear there’s still skeletons in her closet. As her brothers and father welcome her home it’s clear she’s not the only one with something she’s keeping from the family. As the story rotates between characters and an unwelcome man shows up from Sunday’s past, it’s clear the family has to start getting honest with one another if they are going to protect each other.

The chapters rotate through this multi-generational multi-POV with the last line of each chapter kicking off the next chapters POV which was something so unique that I loved. For those who enjoyed Ask Again, Yes and The Most Fun We Ever Had – this will be the book for you! I loved it! // ☕️☕️☕️☕️

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