Hook, Line and Sinker

I don’t even recognize myself anymore but I have fallen back in love with reading FINALLY! Thanks to @avonbooks and @netgalley for this e-galley of the new @tessabaileyisanauthor in the Bellinger Sisters series!

This book is Hannah and Fox’s who we meet in the first installment ‘It Happened One Summer’. Hannah is Pipers younger sister and Fox is Brendan’s best friend and fellow crew mate in the small fishing town of Westport. Hannah is back in LA working on a movie but her an Fox have maintained a texting relationship. When the movie needs a new location, Hannah suggests Westport and circumstances just happen that her sister is going to have company so she ends up staying with none other than Fox. Can they remain just friends or will it be more?

Ok I loved this one! The chemistry was SO GOOD. Scorching. This one is a slow build and slow burn and I was just as frustrated as the characters at times 😂 but the payoff is SO worth it. 🔥🔥 Their relationship starts with forced proximity and Fox vowing to help Hannah win over the director she has a crush on and boy do I love watching jealousy play out. And my gosh their communication. I just love when characters can communicate and work through issues together instead of using it as a way to drive conflict and these two were chefs kiss. I love how patient Hannah was and how she saw who Fox truly was and never gave up on him. It was all just everything I look for and love in a romance – make sure you grab your copy when it comes out next March!! // ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

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