About Me

IMG_8997Hi! Welcome to Nerdy Book Nurse. My name is Lindsay and I work as a Neonatal ICU nurse at a hospital in Boston caring for the city’s sickest babies. Reading has always been a passion of mine. A way for me to escape, out of my own life and into the lives and stories of others. When I first started in nursing, reading became more important than ever as a way to help me stay awake on the overnight shift during my downtime. If a book can grab me and keep me awake at 3 AM when that inexplicable exhaustion washes over, then I know it’s one to recommend. I devised my book rating scale as a coffee cup scale (1-5) based on the likelihood of each book enabling me to get through a 12 hour shift and survive the night.

IMG_8986I started this blog to write honest reviews of the books I was reading in the hopes that I could help people find their next great read. I also enjoy looking for new and upcoming novels. If I have the chance, I try to get my hands on an Advance Readers Copy to review so that you all know what novels I’m most excited about before they are even published.

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